About Us

Imran Traders and engineering service was established in 2005 as a general Order supplier. After the establishment of the company it has started the fabrication of lab. equipments. Now company is providing the services of fabrication of lab. equipments in various fields. The management of Imran traders and engineering services is governed by the following professionals

  1. Muhammad Ishfaq              (Chief Executive)
  2. Muhammad Usman            (Chemical Engineer)
  3. Sajida Naveed                      (M. Phil Chemistry)
  4. M. Tahir Ishfaq                     (Chemical engineer, Consultant)
  5. M. Shafique                          (Electrical engineer, Consultant)
  6. Syed Amjad Ahmad           (Mechanical engineer, Consultant)

Working as:        Consultants, Designers, Fabricators & Traders

The company is divided into the following departments

  1. Technical Services: Energy conservation, Water treatment, Design & feasibility studies, Training to enhance professional skills, calibration and standardization.
  2. Fabrication / Manufacturing: Lab. Equipments for educational purposes to teaching institutions / universities, for industries, Vessels, Reactors & Piping for local industries etc.
  3. Trading: Textile, Food, Agricultural, Water treatment chemicals, Lab. Apparatus & spare parts of various equipments.

Standard Engineering Consultants
The company was established in 2004 and now offers its services to the local industry. The members of its teams have vast experience of erection & commissioning of new plants. The company is divided into following sections

  • Consultancy
  • Erection & Fabrication of plants & lab. Equipments
  • Training,  industrial education & technical literature publication
  • Trading (Import & Export)

The following books & literature has been published by Standard Engineering Consultants.

Books: Test Your Knowledge in Chemical Engineering

About this book
This book was written by Muhammad Tahir Ishfaq, Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering department, NFC Institute of Engineering & Fertilizer research Jaranwala road Faisalabad & Mrs. Sajida Naveed, Lecturer Chemical Engineering department University of Engineering & Technology Faisalabad Campus, Faisalabad.


This book is very much useful for students of Chemical engineering, Chemical technology, Polymer engineering, Petroleum & gas, from first year to final year and for those who are preparing themselves for interview and competitive examinations. It is also very much useful for students of DAE, H.N.D, B. Tech. (Honors.) and B. Tech. (Pass) examinations in Chemical technology. Moreover it is helpful for the persons working in chemical process industry.
Book includes short questions; fill in the blanks, true false and multiple choice questions for more than 20 subjects. The book is divided in the form of chapters which further consists of various sections for the convenience of the readers and persons of a particular area of study. It saves precious time of the reader and provides opportunity to prepare them in shortest time for examination.
Company Policy:
“To provide quality services to process industries in the field of operation, maintenance, management & training through qualified, dedicated professionals to enhance profitability, skills and knowledge at very competitive cost to meet the WTO challenges”

Service plays a crucial role in our day-to-day dealings with our customers. Therefore, we always provide you with expert support. We help you with commissioning and training for your ITES products, on site or at our Show Room. We provide technical support and assistance in laboratory planning quickly.

Commissioning & Training

Why not have your new equipment commissioned by specialist staff? Our highly qualified employees will be happy to support you.
Commissioning our equipment involves the following tasks:

  • Setting up the equipment
  • Installation of all Necessary Connections
  • Commissioning of Equipment
  • Test operation of Equipment


Individual Training
We also offer technical support that is exactly meeting your requirements:

  • General handling of the equipment
  • Functions of its various components
  • Safety instructions for operation of the Unit / Equipment
  • Startup, operation, maintenance & shut down
  • Introduction to the software used if any
  • Performance & explanation of different experiments performed on the equipment and details of operating manual

Our experienced team is ready & available to you for your assistance

Planning for a new laboratory:
Are you planning for a new laboratory, a new room or even a complete new department? Or do you want to upgrade the existing laboratory?
Then take advantage of our know-how and experience! Our engineers plan and equip complete laboratories all over the world. These staff members look in detail at your individual ideas and also consider the specific local environment: The following information’s are required for this job

  • Room drawings
  • Supply connections
  • Equipment lists
  • Service descriptions etc.


In case of any question, our Sales representatives will be ready to help you.