Batch Distillation Unit

Main  Unit Comprising of the following components:
Sieve plate column and packed column.
Packed column height = 1000 mm
Packed column Dia = 50 mm
Packing height = 800 mm
Packing size = 1 / 4”
Packing material = Rasching rings (Boro silicate glass)
Sieve plate Column height = 1000 mm
Sieve plate Column Dia = 50mm
No. of plates = 6   (150 mm apart)
Holes area = 60 % of column area = 1178 mm2
Sieve plate hole Dia = 3 mm
Pitch = 6 mm     (equilateral triangle pitch)
Weir height = 15 mm
Weir length = 35 mm
Down comer width =  10 mm
Distance between the bottom of down comer and top of plate below = 10 mm
Plate thickness =  6 mm
Holes distance from wall of the column = 10 mm
Still capacity = 15 Liters
Immersion electric heater (1 KW) with temperature controller (PID controller)
Range 5-100 °C
Accuracy 0.5 °C
Thermocouple at the top plate and one in the still
(Thermocouple with temp. indication)
Top product tank capacity = 3Liters
Horizontal Condenser  = 150 mm x 200 mm  (shell and tube type)
Total length of column with jacket of insulation.
Material of construction of all parts contact with vapors & liquid should be of stainless steel.
All the equipments should be mounted on square steel pipe frame mounted on wheels.
All the external parts should be spray painted (Black or grey).

Scope of Delivery

1 apparatus, 1 instruction manual

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