Batch Reactor (Independent Unit)

Batch reactor is used for experimental study of chemical reactions. These are mostly used for small scale production.


1.    Reactor Temperature
2.    Heater on / off switch
3.    Heater indication lights
4.    Power supply indication
5.    Main Power
6.    Earth Breaker
7.    Circuit breaker
8.    Stirrer On/Off
9.    Knob for stirrer speed

1.    Variable speed agitator with motor
2.    Point for probe of conductivity meter
3.    Point for thermocouple
4.    Raw material inlet
5.    Point for drain of batch reactor

Frame   Size                    L = 44 inch, Width = 27 inch,    Height = 38 inch
Electrical Panel
H = 16 inch,   W = 9 inch,   L = 14 inch
Storage Tank Plat farm
L = 17 inch, W= 8.5 inch, H=14 inch
No. of Tank = 02 (Caustic solution, Ethyl acetate)
Dia of storage tank = 6.0 inch,  H=10 inch, Plate D = 8 inch
Batch Reactor (H=10 inch, D=150mm) Feed hole =02 No, One hole for conductivity meter, Heater = 500 W, L=10 inch round
Thermocouple = 8 inch

Electrical Panel is powder coated while top plate, bottom plates and table is of stainless steel

Experimental study:
1.    To standardize  the conductivity meter with the standard solutions of sodium hydroxide and draw the calibration curve.
2.    To study the effect of residence time on the rate of reaction in a batch reactor.
3.    Determine the order of reaction and velocity constant, in the hydrolysis of ethyl acetate by NaoH, or
4.    To study the kinetics of chemical reaction and also determine the order of reaction.
5.    To study the effect of residence time on the rate of reaction in a batch reactor.
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