Bernoullis Principal Demonstrator

Dimensions: 15 x 25 inch
Approx weight: 12.0 Kg
Experimental Capability:  
  • To demonstrate Bernoulli’s Principle
  • To demonstrate pressure distribution in venturi tube
  • Demonstrate the relationship between pressure and kinetic energy
  • When fluid passes through a venture tube energy changes occur. Pressure energy converted to kinetic energy.
  • Gate valve is used to control the flow
Technical Data
  • Net dimensions: 720 mm x 650 mm x 300 mm
  • Maximum flow rate: Nominally 27 L/min
  • Venturi tube material: Aluminum/SS (Preferably SS)
  • Inside diameter of Venturi inlet: 26 mm
  • Inside diameter of Venturi throat: 16 mm
  • Inside diameter of Venturi outlet: 26 mm
  • Pressure tapings: 11
  • Manometer scale: Millimeters
  • Manometer tube range: 0 to 290 mm
  • Drain valve beneath storage tank

Standard Features
  • Supplied with a comprehensive user guide
  • One-year warranty
  • Manufacture in accordance with Tec Quipments, UK

Scope of Delivery
1 apparatus, 1 instruction manual

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