Mechanical Equivalent of Heat

The apparatus consists of the following equipments and resembles with PASCO SCIENTIFIC equipments USA.

It has the principle “ The conversion of energy tells us that if a given amount of work is transformed completely into heat the resulting thermal energy must be equivalent to the amount of work that was performed.

The PASCO scientific model TD- 855IA Mechanical equivalent of heat apparatus allows accurate determination of heat with in 5%

  1. Apparatus mechanical equivalent of heat
  2. Multimeter (Temperature measurement having thermister)
  3. Thermometer
  4. Calipar

Items Supplied with Apparatus
Sr. No    Material                                               QTY    Units    
1             Mechanicla equivalent of heat              1         No    
2             Rope                                                     1         No    
3             Weight                                                  1         No    
4             Ohm meter (Multimeter)                        1         No    
5             Graphite powder                                   1         No    
6             Weight Balance                                    1          No    
7             Electric Leads                                       1         No    

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