Miniature Steam Power Plant


Main Service Unit Comprising of the following components:

  • GAS FIRED MODEL STEAM BOILER – with an operating pressure of 4 bar and design pressure of 6.0 bar. Material of construction is copper / SS
  • BOILER FEED PUMP  (Manual / Electric) Pressure = 7 bar
  • STEAM TURBINE – single rotor stage model steam turbine. Diameter 75 mm
  • DC GENERATOR – coupled to the turbine by a driving belt, with resistive load bank of 4 lamp bulbs
  • CONDENSER UNIT – shell and tube atmospheric type condenser. Condensate collection by metal beaker. Minimum cooling water flow rate 0.5 litres/min.

INSTRUMENTATION – comprehensive  instrumentation is supplied comprising:

Pressure            Boiler steam via 0-6 bar pressure gauge  

Temperatures            (Thermocouple and Temperature indicator)

Temperature of the following
1.    Ambient air
2.    Boiler feed water
3.    Boiler steam
4.    Engine steam inlet
5.    Engine steam exhaust
6.    Condenser cooling water inlet
7.    Condenser cooling water outlet
8.    Condensate

Flowmeters            Fuel (gas)
                Cooling water (50-800cc/min)

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