Pump Characteristics Study Apparatus

Main Service Unit Comprising of the following components:

4 Pumps: Centrifugal pump, Open Impeller Centrifugal pump, Multistage pump, Turbine pump
Storage tank 2’*2’ made of SS, 20L
Pump: 0.25-0.50KW
2 Pressure gauges for inlet and outlet pressure
Measuring range for pressure measurement: 0-10bar
Discharge tank 1.5’*1.5’ made of SS, 15L
Control panel
Pressure switch to trip the apparatus
Frame with wheel brakes assembly
Inlet and outlet ball valves
Drain valve beneath storage tank

Scope of Delivery

1 apparatus, 1 set of hoses, 1 bottle of ink, 1 instruction manual
PRICE:              Rs. 225000/-
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