Stephen Boltzman Law

PASCO radiation sensor measures the relative intensities of incident thermal radiation.

The sensing element, a miniature thermopile produces a voltage proportional to the intensity of radiation.

The specifications are
1.    Temperature range -65 to 85 C
2.    Maximum incident power 0.1 Watt/cm2
3.    Spectral range 0.6 to 30 micro meter
4.    Stephan boltzman lamp

Following experiment can be performed on the apparatus
1.    Introduction to thermal radiation
2.    Study of inverse square law
3.    Study of Steran- Boltzmann law (High temperature)
4.    Study of Steran- Boltzmann law (Low temperature)

Items supplied with apparatus

Material                           QTY    Units
Thermal Radiation cube    1         No
Stefan Boltzman Lamp      1         No
Lux meter                          1         No
DC  Power supply              1         No
Bulb 100W                         1        No
Multimeter                          1        No
Electric leads                     1        Set
Scale (One feet)                1        No

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