Thermal Expansion Apparatus


This apparatus measure easily the coefficient of linear expansion for steel, copper and aluminium.
It consists of the following components

  1. Three metal tubes
  2. A foam insulator to avoid heat loss at thermistor connection point
  3. Thermoplastic elastometer tubing with ¼ inch inside diameter

Other equipments which are required

  1. A source of steam or hotwater
  2. A digital meter to measure thermistor resistance
  3. A small object to raise the end of expansion base

Following experiment can be performed on the apparatus

  1. Measuring the coefficient of Linear Expansion for copper, Steel and Aluminium,
Items Supplied (Thermal Expansion Apparatus)
Sr. No Material QTY Units
1 Base Plate 1       No
2 Rod (Aluminium, Copper, SS) One each 3       No
3 Gauge 1       No
4 Steam Generator (02 Bar Pressure) 1       No
5 Multimeter 1       No
6 Plastic Pipe 2       ft
7 Beaker 1       No
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