Tray Drier

The unit consists of
1.    Frame of tray drier (Powder coated)
2.    Total length of tray dryer = 7 ft       MS = 18 gauge (Powder coated)
3.    Width = 11 inch,  Depth = 11 inch
4.    Electric heater = 02 No. (Heater 1 =1000 Watt, Heater 2= 2000 Watt)
5.    Sample Trays = 3 No. (Stainless Steel)
6.    Electric fan = 50 - 80 Watt, Variable speed, Dia = 10 inch
7.    Anemometer = 01 No. (For measurement of air velocity) Smart Sensor  AR826    Made in China                                       No warranty after sale
8.    Electric panel (Having ON /OFF button, Fan control, Electric heater control) All engraved on stainless steel plate.
9.    Thermometers (Wet bulb = 02 No., Dry bulb = 2 No.)
10.    Electric Weight balance = 01 No (Made in China) Scale 1 g, Digital
Electronic scale  SF-400, 1 gram   Max = 7.0 kg, Made in China OR
Famous Electronic scale    1 gram, Max = 30 kg
11.    Window = Having a provision of lock and visualize glass to see interior of tray dryer)
Note: The cost of electric balance is maximum Rs. 5000
Scope of Studies:  
•    To study the effect of air flow rate on the rate of drying. Also draw a graph between
o    Air flow rate and rate of drying.
o    Moisture content and drying rate
•    To study the effect of air temperature on the rate of drying. Draw a graph between moisture content and drawing rate.
•    To study the effect of material of the drying time. Also draw a graph between time of drying and material used.
•    Material and Engineering balance on tray dryer.
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